Your business (& life) bliss begins here


Your business (& life) bliss begins here

You know that whole 'follow your bliss' thing? 

Hogwash.  Hooey. Bullshit.

You can't just 'follow bliss'. You have to intentionally create it.

And yet, despite your best intentions, bliss seems hard to find....(cue *le sigh*)


You're no slouch, no ma'am.

You've built your business, the one that is supposedly 'of your dreams'.  You're living that life on your vision board...Almost. Maybe.

But you keep coming up against something...


Strategic, Emotional. Mental. Physical.

A feeling in your body that says 'ooof, this ain't right'.  And suddenly you realize...

•  Your business is your 'dream', sure!  But it doesn't function the way you need it to.

•  You're burnt out on the 'hustle' with no pay dirt.  And that infamous “freedom and balance” thing you keep hearing about?  Yeah, you want that something fierce, but so far it has been elusive.

•  You don't want to fall into the cycles of self-sabotage anymore.  And that little voice that says 'you're not good enough'? You're ready for it to shut up. Right. Now.

That’s where I come in.


I'm Makenna, or MakJo.

And I help women entrepreneurs increase reach, revenue, and results through proven strategy and mindset coaching. 

My mission on this earth is to help women entrepreneurs (like you) kick mediocre everything to the curb, and step into your vision of a blissed out life & business.


My signature coaching technique, "The Bliss M.O.", combines  Business Strategy and Mindset Tai-Chi into a magical smoothie of upleveling, mastery, and bliss.


The Bliss M.O. leverages my 15+ years of top-notch business strategy trusted by Pulitzer Prize winning photographers, Fortune 100 corporations, & hundreds of entrepreneurs AND my signature brand of Mindset Tai-chi honed through years of yoga, fitness, and mindset certifications (all based in science).

The goal? To take you–your business and your life–to a whole new level of awesome.  (The Bliss Level.)


And what is the Bliss Level?

You've felt it, once or twice. Maybe it's been awhile. But, it's that space when you feel free, clear, and everything is utterly breathtaking. Where you have mastery of your craft, emotional/financial/physical freedom, ease and flow in your day-to-day, and you never obsess about 'what next?'  That space where you know your business works, you have confidence in your skills, and worry falls away.  That moment when your gut feelings all scream 'hell yes'. 


The Bliss Level has been unlocked when your business and life actually work for you and the way you want them to. 

Fancy that.

So come on in, Let's unlock your bliss.




I solemnly swear inside you won't find...

an ebook you'll never read, lame-o emails you don't want to open, nor a free for all facebook group (how many are you in already?)?

Instead, you'll get FREE business strategy calls only open to my brigade! A curated facebook community! And emails you'll actually want to read!

Join my brigade.

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