your business & life bliss begins here.


your business & life bliss begins here.

That whole 'follow your bliss' thing? 

Hogwash.  Hooey. Bullshit.

You can't just 'follow bliss'. You have to intentionally create it.


If you're anything like me, your bliss, involves owning your own business. 

Because Entrepreneurship means making your own rules. 

So you can have a business in alignment with your life, your values, and your soul.  And in turn, a life in alignment with freedom.  Because freedom?  Is fucking awesome.


But Bliss isn't one size fits all.  No ma'am. 


And as you go about building the dream life and business, you come up against something...A BLOCK. And suddenly you realize...

You're not feeling that bridge job you've had, and you're ready to ditch it for good

Your business is your 'dream', sure!  But it doesn't function the way you need it to.  You keep running up against these so called 'blocks' but you're not even sure why.

You're stoked for your hustle to finally pay off, so you can find that infamous “freedom and balance” thing you keep hearing about.  (Hint:  They key is being strategic and a killer mindset.  Those things don't happen overnight.)


You’re not lazy or uninspired.  You're just not where you want to be yet.  You're craving....

Balance (meaning you don't eat/breathe/sleep your business) but you do have money in your bank account that makes all the work worthwhile. 

You long to show up (on the inter-webs and in real life) with audacity and passion, but you're not sure how to marry that with cashflow.

Kicking mediocre to the curb is a huge part of your M.O., because you've noticed that no one makes it in this world and finds that ever-coveted freedom with “average.”


That’s where I come in.

I'm Makenna, or MakJo. Whatever floats your boat.

And my mission is to help women entrepreneurs kiss “average” goodbye.  Through mastery of business strategy (the non-floofy kind, but rather the 'what do we need to do to reach the next level' stuff), and mindset shifts (my magic super toolkit of coaching, reframes, and mindbody connection) that take business and life to a whole new level of awesome.  (The Bliss Level.)

I'm a business strategist, a lifestyle coach, & the bliss doula (meaning small step finder, and woman supporter) who leverages my 15+ years of marketing and business strategy to bring your business stuff (branding, marketing, systems, website user experience) and life stuff (movement, health, connection) to the BLISS LEVEL.



And what is the Bliss Level?

You've felt it, once or twice. Maybe it's been awhile. But, it's that space when you feel free, clear, and everything is utterly breathtaking. Where you have mastery, freedom, space, and run a business customers drool over.  

It is that series of linked moments where love of your work, living passionately, money that works with your lifestyle, and freedom all become besties.  Where the hustle turns into cashflow, and you can't wait to bound out of bed every morning on fire for your life & your work.  Yeah.  That about sums it up. 


The Bliss Level has been unlocked when your business and life actually work for you and the way you want them to.  

Fancy that. 

It doesn't happen overnight.  It takes passion, a balance of work and ease, mastery, and mentorship (that's why I'm here).

So come on in, Let's unlock your bliss.




I solemnly swear inside you won't find...

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