your business & life bliss beings here.


your business & life bliss beings here.

You’re here because you’re at a crossroads in your business and life.

Not so into the whole 9 to 5 thing anymore (and ready to finally quit)…

Not really feeling the 24/7 hustle (and minimal reward)…

Not thrilled with the cycle of overwhelm and self-sabotage you’ve been running...

Ready to get bigger and own your business as something other than a hobby...


You’re not lazy or uninspired.  I know...You’re just a fierce business babe, who hungers for more…

Like live life on your own terms.

Ready for your hard work to finally pay off, for the infamous “freedom and balance” thing you keep hearing about. 

Show up with audacity and passion (on the inter-webs and in real life).


AND most importantly…Say “sayonara” to mediocre.

‘Cause “mediocre, average, any-old-thing” is not gonna cut it.

No one makes it in this world and finds that ever-coveted freedom with “average.”


That’s where I come in.

Hi! I’m Makenna.

And I will help you kiss your “average” goodbye, create crazy success with your business and experience life on a whole new level of awesome. (The Bliss Level.)

To get there you could surely use a business & lifestyle strategist (with over 15 years of marketing, business & digital strategy under her belt) to bring your branding, marketing, sales, systems, booking, project management, website user experience, list-building, life, movement, (and on and on….) to the BLISS LEVEL.

And what is the Bliss Level?

Where you are getting paid and loving every single moment.  The one where love, passion, cashflow, and freedom become besties.  The one where you are keeping your life in check (and in mind) while you’re working it… because that’s your other 16 hours a day!


The Bliss Level is the one where your business and life is actually working the way you want it to.  

Fancy that.


So if that sounds good to you...

I’m your girl.  And you’re in the right place.

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Giving Back


Giving Back

I believe that everyone should have access to the coaching they need, as such I offer small business owners with tight budgets scholarships for their businesse


Did you know at least 5% of all profits go to creating the Bliss Foundation?

In 2009 I founded a non-profit called Bridge Beyond, our pilot project was in rural Kenya.  The goal of the organization was to find local, volunteer community workers and shift their passion from avocation to vocation.  It worked.  Like a charm.  Community led development was a hit.  (The image above is right outside our offices in 2011.)  My goal is not to be in control but rather to facilitate work being done in communities all over the world, including communities like that pictured above.

This isn't about development, it isn't about 'saving'.  It is about affording opportunities for those who want to 'do good' in their OWN communities and giving them the tools they deeply desire. 

At least 5% of all Bliss Doula work, e-courses, coaching fees, etc goes to furthering this vision.  All of this money will be earmarked, and a foundation will be created.  The goal of the foundation will be to help those who grew up without the comforts of privilege to live their bliss work, and follow their dreams. 

The recipients will show demonstrated need, prior leadership experience, and social impact in their 'bliss' plans.  It will afford the opportunity to talented, dedicated, community-driven people who simply need some capacity building, leadership mentoring, and cash to start up small, community driven organizations and businesses.   They can be from any country, creed, religion, background.  

Grants will be small to start, between $250 and $1000.  And will increase with proven capacity to manage projects, and teams. 

Even when you're helping yourself and supporting your own vision, you'll be helping others do the same. 

Note:  If for some reason I don't start a foundation (dubious!), all funds will be donated to an entrepreneurship training school in the developing world.  (School yet to be decided!  I'll let you all help me decide if that is how it goes.) 

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