How good can you take it? Let's make bliss non-negotiable.


How good can you take it? Let's make bliss non-negotiable.

You know that whole 'follow your bliss' thing? 

It's Bullshit. (Yup, I said it.)

There's no following.  

When it comes to bliss in your life, you need to lead the way and make bliss happen. 


I'm Makenna.


A bliss embodiment strategist and leadership coach for visionaries.  

What?  I know.  I just used that word again.  


Here's the thing, bliss isn't some airy out there thing.  It's an absolute necessity for anyone with a vision for their dream way of being in the world.  And the truth is?  You should be ruthless in finding it.

'Bliss' is...

The intersection between conscious and career.

And the happiest marriage of leadership and vision.

Bliss is that feeling of being centered in your body, confident in your skin, and at home in your life.

And you find it during the journey and at the juncture of "what I truly want in my life" and "this is what it takes to get there.”

Bliss is doing ‘your work’ and finding deep fulfillment as a leader, a visionary, and a whole human.  


How does this all work? 

My signature coaching technique, The Bliss M.O., combines high-level strategy and Mindset Tai-Chi into a magical smoothie of personal fluency, mindbody mastery, and bliss.

It cuts through the crap and helps you create a vision supported life in a way that suits you, your dreams, and your personal bliss.  

The Bliss M.O.™ is based on my 15+ years of top-notch strategic thinking trusted by Pulitzer Prize winning photographers, Fortune 100 corporations, non-profits, foundation directors, & hundreds of entrepreneurs.  it comes with a big old side order of my unique brand of Mindset Tai-Chi which is rooted in science as well as loads of yoga, fitness, and mindset certifications.   

The goal? To get you to your Bliss Threshold.  


What is the Bliss Threshold?

The bliss threshold is the minimum of what you need to be in your 'bliss zone'.  It is the threshold you cross from 'eh' to 'blissed out'.  We all have one.

For some it is having a dream house in the city, with a million dollar income, working out 7 days a week.  For others it is having a tiny house, living debt free, doing some yoga, and making $75,000 a year.  And sometimes it is being purposely frugal, going on barefoot walks, and driving an alpaca or emu or whatever farm animal you prefer instead of a car. 

Whatever your bliss, it is your perfect vision.  

Fancy that.

So come on in, let's unlock your bliss.




I solemnly swear inside you will find...

An easy to implement business & life strategic planning tool I call 'The Bliss Strategy', a curated community of deeply passionate entrepreneurs, and weekly-ish emails you'll love to read*.

Join my brigade.

*People love my emails (really, truly): "Lady. This is awesome! I absolutely love it and I'm gonna think of your words during my race tomorrow. Thanks genius!" - Kelsey