Calling all visionaries....


Calling all visionaries....

Pardon our dust, we're rebuilding.  Movements take incubation. 

This is a battle cry for visionary leaders, a call to arms to catalyze your vision into reality.  And do so with grace, poise, and presence of heart, mind, and body.  

Entrepreneurs, executives, social innovators, people who have a dream for a more inclusive world, healers, writers, artists.  Each of you who are the dreamers of this planet we call home.  


This is your sanctuary.  And like any good home, often you need to take some time with it.  Draw blueprints, lay a foundation, build carefully.  Which means....sometimes it takes a while to come forth.  

Our new internet home launches October 2015.  


In the meantime, come soak your feet in the warm waters of The Bliss Brigade, a free community for those who see the possibility of tomorrow.  






Be the First in the Know....

Inside you'll have access to an easy to implement business & life strategic planning tool I call 'The Bliss Strategy', and you'll get FIRST crack at my newest quarterly freebie: The Vision Text*.

Join my brigade.


Who is Makenna?


Who is Makenna?

Who I work with 

I work with x, by y, to create z.  That's the formula for explaining my work.  

I work with visionary leaders and/or companies in transition* through integral coaching, bodymind connection, and strategy to catalyze the transition to be a period of growth, power, and ease.  


*(transitions include but not limited to:  growing a business, hiring a team, shifting a brand, death of a loved one, birth of a loved one, a new project, a new relationship, divorce, a big move etc)

Who am I?

If Tibetan philosophies of emptiness & joy made passionate love with high-level, actionable business and life strategies, and raised their love child on a steady diet of craft beer, mountain living, yoga, and snow skiing you'd create a Makenna

I live my life a fast-talking, multi-rooted, fire breathing woman who breathes air just north of 6 feet. (Yes, I am that tall.) 

My background and expertise is managing transitions while maintaining sanity and integrity.  I've done this as a professor, a development worker, a birth doula, and a coach.  


Fun facts:

I eat mostly a traditional diet.  Not paleo, just traditional old school food that nourishes us.

I'm a masters ski racer.

I met my wife playing rugby.  We got married on a island in the Pacific Northwest. 

I have a Masters degree in private sector development from NYU, and an undergraduate degree from Smith College where I studied Tibetan Philosophy. 

I danced for 10 years, and was almost a dance major

I'm a local and handmade junkie.  I prefer everything I eat, own, blah blah to be one or the other.  It isn't always possible, but it is a huge part of my M.O. 

I'm obsessed equally with both Manatees and Kimonos.  These two things are not related. 

I own a home in the mountains of Colorado, but tend to live in a 40 foot RV known as The Bliss Bus (it is currently parked in Lake Tahoe, California for the 2015-2016 Ski Season)

Words other people have called me

Writer. Speaker. Artist. Coach. Business strategist. Athlete. Soul centered gypsy.  Foodie.  Thought leader. Professor.  Birth Doula.  Skier. Rugby player. Teacher. Best kept secret on the internet.


A fancy Bio I paid someone to write:

Makenna Johnston is a thought leader for the new economy who's body of work looks closely as how men, women, children, millennials, non-profits and corporations manage transitions and how said transitions directly affect personal and corporate culture. 

So many individuals, brands and organizations have big ideas, big goals, yet they haven’t been able to shift their mindset, team, or situation into the next phase of growth. 

Her work's cornerstone is the notion that intention > expectation and that input > extraction. 

By delving deep into systems, strategic leadership, and soulful mindbody connection Makenna works in tandem with visionaries to manage transitions with grace.

Her systems level thinking, coaching, and consulting is steeped in a richly diverse background that spans industries including: corporate project management for the largest online advertiser in the world, user experience design and implementation, wealth creation methodology in the developing world, marketing strategy, leadership development, yoga/mindbody/crossfit/wellness, and the industries surrounding childrearing and childbirth. 

It's time now to grow. It’s time to transition. To find your purpose, create your impact, and begin to live your vision. 

Welcome to your next step.