Your business (& life) bliss begins here


Your business (& life) bliss begins here

You know that whole 'follow your bliss' thing? 

Hogwash.  Hooey. Bullshit.

You can't just 'follow bliss'. You have to intentionally create it.

(That’s where I come in.)


Oh hey, I'm Makenna.

And I work with entrepreneurial visionaries to increase reach, revenue, and results through proven business strategy, mindbody connection, and mindset coaching. 

My mission on this earth is to help entrepreneurs with big visions and world changing dreams (like you), increase their acumen for creating a blissed out business and life.


My signature coaching technique, The Bliss M.O., combines  Business Strategy and Mindset Tai-Chi into a magical smoothie of upleveling, mastery, and bliss.


The Bliss M.O. leverages my 15+ years of top-notch business strategy trusted by Pulitzer Prize winning photographers, Fortune 100 corporations, & hundreds of entrepreneurs AND my unique brand of Mindset Tai-chi honed through years of yoga, fitness, and mindset certifications (all based in science).

The goal? To take you–your business and your life–into a new realm of amazing.  (I call it, The Bliss Threshold.)


And what is the Bliss Threshold?

The bliss threshold is the minimum of what you need to be in your 'bliss zone'.  It is the threshold you cross from 'eh' to 'blissed out'.  We all have one.

For some it is having a dream house in the city, with a million dollar income.  For others it is having a tiny house, living debt free, and making $75,000 a year.  And sometimes it is being purposely frugal, driving a camel instead of a car.  Whatever it is, it is your perfect vision.

But for all entrepreneurs it is when you feel in flow.  Where your emotional, financial, and physical freedom come without obsession.  And worry falls away.  It is that moment when your gut feelings all scream 'hell yes'. 


The Bliss Threshold has been unlocked when your business and life actually work for you and the way you want them to. 

Fancy that.

So come on in, click to unlock your bliss.




I solemnly swear inside you won't find...

an ebook you'll never read, lame-o emails you don't want to open, nor a free for all facebook group (how many are you in already?)?

Instead, you'll get your road map for your BLISS STRATEGY! A curated facebook community! And emails you'll actually want to read!

Join my brigade.

People Love my emails (really, truly): "Lady. This is awesome! I absolutely love it and I'm gonna think of your words during my race tomorrow. Thanks genius!" - Kelsey